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About Us

About Us

Nancy's General Cleaning Team

 We are a small family owned business that is dedicated to cleaning and helping maintain your house clean.

Our main focus is detailed cleaning.

Our satisfaction is seeing the look on our clients faces when they see their home clean and smelling fresh. 

Our crews are composed of 3-4 team members depending on the day. 

Our story begins back in 2007.

Concepcion and Reynaldo (husband and wife) began working for the Orange County Public School system as janitors in the afternoon. 

After a while, Concepcion started working directly with the principal of the school by cleaning his home. While working with him, he could never pronounce Concepcion's full name and began calling her Nancy. They became good friends over the years, and by 2011 he was recommending her to other teachers and people he knew. Always introducing her as Nancy.

It was during this time that Concepcion left the public schools cleaning job she had worked at for over 4 years.

Officially making the switch to residential cleaning.

She began by working with another house cleaning company, where although she tried her best, she felt she was never given enough time to get the job properly done and always felt dissatisfied when leaving the client's home. She continued to work this way for two years. 

By 2013, she was tired of getting complaints from clients and not being able to do anything. She began by trying different franchises and trying to find other ways to provide services. 

Finally, in 2015 she decided to start her own company! Settling on Nancy's Cleaning as the name, as a reminder of the man who helped her make the switch to residential cleaning in the first place.

By 2017 Reynaldo also left his job and came full time with us! It was during his time at his other job, where he took courses and learned how to handle a professional carpet cleaning machine, as well as floor cleaners and how to get the job well done! 

Today, Reynaldo and Concepcion lead two crews, who handle residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, move in/out cleanings, as well as junk removal. Their daughter, Ana, handles the administration side of the business, as well as scheduling and quotes.


We continue to grow and add more services every year! 


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